100mm immersion 316 stainless steel thermopocket, 1/2"BSPT

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  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • 1/2"BSPT Process Connection
  • 100mm immersion length
  • to suit 6mm diameter sensor

This 316 stainless steel thermopocket has an sheath length of 100mm and uses a 1/2"BSPt thread to secure itself into the process the thermowell is fitted to. The thermopocket has been designed to be compatible with 6mm diameter probes due to the popularity of that size within the industry. The outside diameter of the thermopocket sheath is 10mm. To hold the probe in place there is a compression olive and nut on the end of the pocket to ensure a secure hold.

Using a thermopocket such as this one is ideal for situations where the probe needs to be removable but access to the measured medium is limited (Such as liquid tanks) as it prevents the need for drainage/emptying. Using a pocket also adds protection to the sensor which is useful for more aggressive environments.

Please ensure the probe you use with this pocket has an immersible sheath length of at least 150mm to allow the sensor to have good contact at the end of the thermowell.