10K8 NTC Thermistor Waterproof Temperature Sensor Probe

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  • measuring range: -50 to 120°C
  • 10K8 NTC thermistor
  • Cable: 3 metres silicone rubber
  • Sheath: 5mm diameter x 50mm long 316 stainless steel

This immersible sensor is ideal where liquid temperature measurement is needed without any complicated installation. This sensor is fully sealed between the sheath and cable to prevent any water ingress affecting the readings. The high-accuracy 10K8 thermistor bead is protected by a 316 stainless steel sheath to prevent any damage to the sensor. The cable used is ultra-flexible silicone rubber which is terminated in tails at the end to provide quick and easy installation. The whole sensor has a wide temperature range of -50°C to 120°C which covers almost all applications where liquid temperature is being measured.