AKO 14726 230V programmable temperature controller

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AKO-D14726 is a very versatile controller, with multi input types its adaptable to a range of different applications. It is programmable as a digital thermostat or humidity control with 2 set points/relays and digital input.

The AKO-D14726 digital thermostat is programmable for multiple types of inputs/sensors:

  •     ntc or ptc thermistors
  •     Pt100
  •     K or J type thermocouple sensors
  •     4-20mA (for humidity sensors)
  •     Digital input.
It can be used to control heaters, heat pumps, fans, pumps, solar heating,  etc

The AKO-D14726 230V thermostat/humidistat may be set for:-
Heating and cooling
2 stages of heating/humidification
2 stages of cooling/dehumidification
Humidification and dehumidification
2 frequently used temperatures, easily switch between the 2 by using the digital input. (Opening and closing 2 terminals with a link)

AKO-D14726 Sensor
Input is programmable for either ntc, Ptc, Pt100, K or J thermocouple type or 4-20mA.
Operating ranges is dependant on sensor, -50.0/999 Deg.C or 4-20mA input has a range of -999/999 which can be scaled as required.
With adjustable hysterisis, display to 0.1 and scale in C or F, the result is a versatile accurate thermostat

Standard 34 x 76mm front panel mounting with IP65 gasket. It's bright display makes for easy reading.

230 VAC
1x Change-over relay output, 8 (4) Amp
1x Single pole relay output, 8 (4) Amp