TT3 10KΩ NTC Thermistor bead

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  • 10KΩ @ 25°C
  • Beta constant 3977 ± 0.3%
  • ±0.2°C and ±0.1°C tolerance versions between 0°C to 70°C
  • equivalent to 10K3A1
  • 76mm long insulated and uninsulated wire versions

This popular 10K low cost NTC thermistor has a wide temperature sensing range while keeping a high accuracy of ±0.1°C or ±0.2°C to suit the vast array of thermistor applications. It is also available in insulated and uninsulated lead versions. This thermistor is the equivalent to the 10K3A1 thermistor.


TT3-10KC3-AG ±0.1°C accuracy with uninsulated leads

TT3-10KC3-AZ ±0.1°C accuracy with insulated leads

TT3-10KC3-BG ±0.2°C accuracy with uninsulated leads

TT3-10KC3-BZ ±0.2°C accuracy with insulated leads

Please note: tip epoxy colour may vary.